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“Let’s believe in Brazil”, proposes the president of FCA Latam

“Let’s believe in Brazil”, proposes the president of FCA Latam

Thursday, 17 de November de 2016

At the launch of the Fiat Toro, Stefan Ketter declares its commitment to the competence and potential of the country

What should have been conversation between journalists and FCA executives, over the launch of the Toro last February, became a manifesto about the company’s belief in Brazil. That’s because the car – which heralds a category in the market for SUPs (Sport Utility Pick-Ups) – was conceived, designed and developed entirely in Brazil.

“Brazil’s potential is great”, said Stefan Ketter, president of FCA for Latin America, to the audience of journalists at the christened Toro Talks event. “The expertise that exists and the talents we have are extraordinary. The Toro was made here, it was perfected here and the quality you see here was obtained here. Therefore, the preconceived notion that we cannot make things in Brazil does not exist. We believe in Brazil, folks. It’s time we do so.”

The Toro has been seen as an innovative vehicle among the critics, and not just for inaugurating a category that combines the comfort of a sedan with the ruggedness of a truck, but because of its Brazilian nature and its global vocation. “Our interest is to make an export platform to the world, starting in Latin America,” said Ketter. The director of FCA Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Marco Antonio Lage, came to define the car as “the most sophisticated that Fiat has ever produced worldwide.”



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