FCA Brasil
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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has the global commitment to invest in innovative projects that reduce the impact of cars on the environment, enhance security and connectivity of vehicles and thus increases competitiveness of its valuable products.

Part of this valuable work is performed in its 84 R & D centers throughout the world, under an annual investment of about 4 billion euros. In Brazil, the FCA has two Research and Development Centers located in Betim (Minas Gerais) and Recife (PE), which together with the other units in the world, conceive the future of the automobile. Brazilian centers are able to develop complete vehicles, from the strategic planning through the design and up to its production.

With about 1500 workers, the engineering team of FCA in Brazil is dedicated to innovation projects in areas such as energy, environment, ergonomics, comfort, safety and driving pleasure. In effect, cars have become more efficient, safer and with higher quality, meeting and anticipating customer’s needs.

In several of these projects, the company works in partnership with suppliers and with a true innovation network formed by research institutes and universities. Thus, the FCA also contributes to the generation of knowledge in Brazil, for professional training and the development of a national industry. All this without losing sight of the focus on customer needs.


Minas Gerais R&D Center

Pernambuco P&D Center

Innovation Network

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