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10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Car

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Car

Thursday, 4 de May de 2017

Our experts prepare a checklist especially for beginner´s

Among the hundreds of options available in the market, it is no wonder that choosing a car is a delicate task. It becomes even more daunting for beginners because often times their lack of experience weighs in when closing the best deal.

Who hasn´t identified with youtuber and blogger Becca Pires, who, close to getting her driver’s license, visited a Fiat dealership to get to know more about her first car? Watch the video below:

It was with this in mind that we asked FCA’s training analysts, Adriana Souza and Henrique Dornelas, to prepare a definitive checklist to guarantee a satisfactory first purchase. Henrique and Adriana, experts on the subject, gave us a list of 10 fundamental considerations before buying a car.

1. “What do I want?”
The first question to ask is “What am I looking for?” Dornelas says. It seems obvious, but it´s fundamental, according to him, because it helps define the type of car you are looking for. “Why do you need a car? Is it for everyday, for work, for your free time?” The answer to these questions is essential because it will set a North in your search, “he explains;

2. “What do I expect from a car?”
Next, we have another question: “What can you expect from the car?” If you already know how to use the vehicle, you also need to know the desired performance: is economy more important or is it performance, for example. “At that moment, priorities such as safety, technology and interior space are defined. This way you can evaluate, for example, whether or not the ideal model is an off-road vehicle,” adds Dornelas;

3. “What am I not going to give up?”
Once you have made this list of priorities, separate one or two things you are not willing to negotiate. Take into account that the classification is very important when comparing the available models;

4. Search
At this stage, everything is valid: search the Internet, check out forums, read specialized publications and talk to buyers who already have the model you desire. The more information you have, the better;

5. Count on the help of an expert
Even during the search stage, talking to consultants at dealerships may be a good option. They usually have access to interesting data and comparisons with valuable information for buyers;

6. Test-drive
Adriana draws attention to the importance of test-driving. “That´s when you really understand if the car meets your expectations. Often times the position of the seat, the starter, the technological articles and the feeling behind the wheel are quite different than what we expected”, She says. “A person who wants to buy a 1.6 or a 1.8 vehicle can be surprised with a 1.3” she adds.

7. Do your math
Experts point out that, although price is still a limiting factor, it should never be the first thing to be considered. This is because satisfaction is more important. “A car is a durable good that will be used for two or three years at least, so it is worth investing,” says Adriana;

8. Check your conditions of purchase
There are many offers, financing and special conditions in the market. Thus, after determining the right model, it pays to invest a little more time comparing options before closing a deal;

9. Safety
Often people think that the bigger the car the safer it is. However, this reasoning can be misleading. It is best to know what marks your ideal car has received in crash tests. “That way, the consumer knows exactly how safe the vehicle is. Appreciate what really matters,” recommends Dornelas.

10. Passion and style

Being in a car is like wearing an outfit: it says a lot about you. A person with an adventurous spirit, for example, will certainly feel better in a Jeep Renegade. Someone more practical and urban will see that the Mobi is perfect for his or her needs – besides being very economical it has much style and personality.



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