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An academy for great professionals

An academy for great professionals

Wednesday, 13 de December de 2017

Awarded by the Brazilian Association of Training and Development, FCA Latam Dealer Academy has already trained 25,000 dealers

Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep and Ram. These are the brands that are part of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group. Together, they represent more than 700 dealerships throughout the country. While all these service units are dedicated to distinct products located in different places, they need to speak the same language – that is, they need to maintain the same high quality standard, as well as promote positive customer experiences. But how do you come up with a common result?

The answer was to apply a teaching methodology that could navigate between the brands, but with a unique focus. Thus, the FCA Latam Dealer Academy came in to play. The project, which has already trained more than 25 thousand professionals, met the need for a unified teaching methodology applied in the trainings for the teams, after the merger of the brands. “We were working in a disintegrated manner, with different contents for each brand. For instance, the Fiat program was developed in Brazil, while Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Jeep in the United States”,  explains Rogério Machado, FCA’s network development manager.

The work began in 2016 by collecting data on satisfaction surveys and a revision of the whole curriculum, from contents of the training programs to quality indicators. At this point came the leap of innovation. The team decided to diversify, betting on multiple platforms. “We simplified the World Class Dealer (WCD) training portal by facilitating the access for the professionals of the dealerships. In addition, we diversified platforms using smartphone and tablet applications, which help spread the content, “Machado said. In order to disseminate the contents, in addition to face-to-face training and web-training platforms, we have TVFCA taking action. TVFCA, for example, is an important vehicle for disseminating training. With weekly videos, the information and training channel has been made available to the entire network for nine years. To access it, the dealer goes to the WCD (World Class Dealer) Portal on the internet and clicks on the TV link.

In the face-to-face trainings, new technologies such as virtual and augmented reality were added, as well as the strategies for “digital and humanized gamification”. Machado says that the result of this new teaching model was the satisfaction of the dealership network employees and, consequently, of the customers. In addition to these results, the FCA Latam Dealer Academy project received, from one of the three biggest awards in Brazil, the outstanding Distinction in People Management of the Brazilian Association of Training and Development – ABTD. The case competed against 39 initiatives from 33 registered companies throughout the Brazilian territory. Machado assures us, however, that this recognition does not mean that the work is done, but rather that the process continues to evolve. “We are constantly improving to ensure an increasingly better quality standard,” he says.



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