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The Atlantic Forest is reborn

The Atlantic Forest is reborn

Monday, 31 de July de 2017

In an exclusive infographic, learn more about the program that is recovering the natural biome of a large area in Pernambuco

Atlantic Forest Day has been part of the official Brazilian calendar since 1999. In fact, nothing more just than to celebrate the biome that marked our history and even lent its name to the country – on account of Brazil wood.

In fact, the Atlantic Forest encountered by the Portuguese in 1500 extended along the coast of the Northeast, Southeast and South regions, and even penetrated into areas of the Midwest, reaching Paraguay and Argentina. Centuries of deforestation – and an occupation that started from the coast all the way to the interior – left only 7% of the original Atlantic Forest standing.

When it installed its most modern factory in Pernambuco, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) was aware that only 23.9% of the city’s natural biome had been preserved. In the vicinity of the Jeep Automotive Polo, in particular, were centuries of degradation on account of the sugar cane plantation.

It was through this environmental awareness that the Jeep Biodiversity Program emerged and has replanted up to now more than 60 thousand seedlings of native species of the Atlantic Forest. The goal is to plant 208 thousand seedlings by 2024. The nursery and stakeout areas are also classrooms, where students from public schools in the region learn about the importance of environmental preservation and care for nature.

Take advantage of the climate on May 27, Atlantic Forest Day, to know more about the Jeep Biodiversity Program in the infographic below:




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