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An automobile manufacturer at full speed

An automobile manufacturer at full speed

Tuesday, 7 de November de 2017

In just two and a half years of operation, the Jeep Automotive Plant in Pernambuco reaches its 300,000th vehicle – and accelerates even more

A few months after celebrating its operations anniversary, in April, the Jeep Automotive Plant has another celebration: the 300 thousand benchmark for cars produced – 80 thousand in the last six months – exceeding all expectations. We can define the Goiana factory, in Pernambuco, as a production line with no fear of speed.

On average, the line produces 600 vehicles per day in the models Renegade, Compass and Toro, all leaders in their segments. They are manufactured from scratch and simultaneously. Another benchmark of the factory is that after completing 18 months of operation, it produced the three models concomitantly. And there is more: the line was designed with the capacity to include a fourth model in that operation.

Actually, even before all of this – in fact since its installation – the Jeep Plant was already a reference for the global automotive industry. The plant was built in a region where sugarcane cultivation was predominant with no manufacturing tradition. It was then that the ability to integrate high technology with the development of personnel that proved to be a differential for the productive quality achieved today, which incorporates World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodologies, a world-class production system.

Just a short walk through the corridors of this large factory is enough to see the disposition of local workers, with their predominant Pernambuco accent among the 8.5 thousand employees of the Plant, including the factory and its suppliers. The workers are, without a doubt, the main protagonists of the enterprise. All the powerful machinery is ergonomically adapted to allow perfect interaction between people and equipment. In addition, employees are in constant professional development programs, so much so that many of the factory leaders today were trained in these processes.

Because we’re talking about the most modern FCA factory in the world, technology must be the highlight- and it’s everywhere. In addition to the more than 600 high precision robots, distributed through out the production process, development laboratories, 3D printers and even augmented reality glasses are integrated in the manufacturing line as well. The result is high quality products, certified by the global consumers.

The vehicles produced by the Jeep Automotive Plant are already being sent to several countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico, in a recently launched operation. Up until the month of September, more than 25 thousand vehicles were exported, arriving at 40 thousand since the inauguration. There were so many cars that this impacted even the load indicators of the Pernambuco port of Suape, where the movement of vehicles increased 147% last year alone, compared to 2015, due to the operation of Jeep.

And now, while you are reading this text, the Jeep Automotive Plant continues to produce at full steam. And there is no doubt that soon we will be telling more facts and add more incredible numbers right here.



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