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A car factory within the innovation elite

A car factory within the innovation elite

Thursday, 30 de November de 2017

Forbes magazine selects FCA as the only automotive company in the Top 10 as the most innovative in Brazil

Discovering new ways to anticipate the future is undoubtedly a hallmark of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). After all, we are talking about one of the ten most innovative companies in Brazil, according to the ranking of the latest issue of Forbes magazine. The ranking was produced in conjunction with the Brazilian Multinational Observatory of the Superior School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM). The company was the only representative in the automotive industry to be named at the top of the list, which also includes names in technology such as Microsoft, Siemes, Philips and Accenture, as well as Cielo, Saint-Gobain, Embraer and ArcelorMittal.

According to Forbes, FCA innovates by combining a long-term strategic vision that takes into account the interests of the company, attuned to the technological trends and human behavior. That is, it’s a way of thinking connected to the world, but always attentive to the aspirations and behaviors of the local consumer, in this case, the Brazilian consumer.

All FCA teams look for innovation, but one in particular is dedicated to that goal. It is the department of Future Insights, created in 2014, next to the factory in Betim (MG) and highlighted by Forbes as a catalyst for positive transformations.

Inspired by good market practices and international projects, such as the The Elders organization led by South African Nelson Mandela, the area seeks to stimulate the culture of innovation within the company. Mateus Silveira is in charge of leading the tasks. He explains that just as The Elders brings together people of diverse backgrounds and experiences to discuss solutions to the global problems, Future Insights mobilizes teams from diverse areas around a common goal: to seek solutions in a collaborative way. Thus, team members can change depending on the needs of each project.

For Silveira, innovation is the result of the union of ideas plus people, but in this area “there is no mathematical formula”. “The formula is to be open,” he says, “you cannot structure everything and put it in a box. You have to be open to see things with the eyes of the consumers and, in tune with time, surprise them, “he argues.

The Future Insights initiatives include studies on urban mobility -Futuro das Cidades, which mobilizes companies, specialists and entities from the civil society and the third sector, to study the cities and understand how we live in them. Forbes also highlighted FCA’s efforts to reduce and prevent environmental impacts on its production. The Girassol Project  in partnership with CSEM Brazil, for example, develops research for the use a photovoltaic system, in other words, powered by sunlight, to generate electricity. This energy feeds the car’s battery, creating a solution with less pollution which contributes to fuel economy.

The plants Fiat, in Betim (MG), and Jeep, in Goiana (PE), were also recognized by the magazine as examples of successful environmental management. Highlights included: the record for the reuse of water and the achievement of the Zero Landfill goal Aterro Zero. Fiat was the first plant to allocate100% of its generated waste for recycling and reuse.



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