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Cronos: Fiat chooses the language of the internet to reveal name of its new sedan

Cronos: Fiat chooses the language of the internet to reveal name of its new sedan

Monday, 30 de October de 2017

Simultaneous actions in Brazil and Argentina involve the online public and reminds us of the brand's commitment to technology

It’s a time of digital information, a time of multiple connections. A moment of real-time discoveries and memes. It is within this reality that Fiat launches its new car, the sedan that shares the platform of Argo: Cronos. The car had its name revealed on Friday the 20th, amid major digital actions that happened simultaneously in Brazil and Argentina.

In Argentina, where the car will be produced (the FCA plant in Córdoba received an investments of $ 500 million for the modernizations needed for production), there was a call in social networks for the public to guess the name of the new car. At the site created for this, the brand revealed clues and allowed each participant to take one guess per day (October 17-20) until the revelation. Those who got it right were entered in a lottery draw to win a trip to Italy.

In Brazil, the company “broke the internet” (understanders will understand) by appropriating a meme to make the disclosure. “We are rescuing the brand’s good humor and bringing an idol of the past to announce a model that represents the process of modernizing the company and its line of vehicles,” said FCA Communications, Marketing and Sustainability Director for Latin America, João Batista Ciaco.

He’s referring to the Fiat Race, planned by the Content and Creation team of FCA and announced on the 17th of this month with a teaser that caused surprise and excitement in the online community, by joining the hilarious memes of the world’s fastest vehicle: the Uno Mille with a ladder, held at the Mega Space racetrack in Belo Horizonte (MG).

After all, what could be faster than a Uno with a ladder? Six Unos with ladders, of course. The result? A space-time rupture that revealed the name of the god of time itself: Cronos. Son of Uranus (the starry sky) with Gaia (the Earth), the youngest of all titans, able to rule all destinies. Thus, it reveals a new time for Fiat. Cronos comes to show that the passage of time for Fiat materializes in a journey of renewal. Watch the race, narrated by the broadcaster Domenico Gatto, with comments from Ricardo Dilser, FCA technical advisor:

You may have noticed that the race was not timed. However, time went by so fast that the Unos with ladders gave way to the most current models of the brand: Mobi, Toro and Argo. Letter by letter, the name was revealed. The objective of the action was to show the evolution of the vehicles, of which Fiat shows itself as a major player, for having the culture of democratizing access to new technologies and innovation. Landmarks such as the Fiat 147 (the world’s first mass-produced ethanol car) and the Uno Mille itself (the first popular model 1.0, with or without ladder) are great examples, as well as the Fiat Tipo (first national vehicle equipped with airbag) and the inauguration of the downsizing era (Uno and Tempra Turbo). This renewal cycle is reinforced in the most recent releases. The Mobi represents the rationality and the intelligence of the mobility, the Toro pickup truck brings endless possibilities, and the Argo which personifies the connected modernity.

Now it’s the advent of Cronos. Its arrival symbolizes the new era that begins for Fiat and FCA. In addition to the Fiat Mobi, the Toro and the Argo, the group launched the Jeeps Renegade and Compass all in the last two years. They are five important models (now six with the new sedan) that represent a new generation of vehicles, marked by the high standard of quality and technological innovations that, little by little, bring the car of the future to you.

The actions in the two countries met the goal of releasing the official name of the X6S in an authentic way, going beyond the target audience, generally reached with this type of disclosure. Unexpected and innovative, the actions actually spoke the language of the internet and succeeded in attracting a more diverse audience, not just those who keep up with the automotive world, but also potential clients. The actions managed to create the desired connection of the brand with the public, in an organic, playful and emotional way. This behavioral change is also a sample of the new position the company is taking in the new era that is starting.

To give you an idea of the importance of actions like these, you need to know that the Brazilian campaign was the first mission of FCA’s newly inaugurated Content and Creation Hub. Internally known as Crie, it’s the core of the Communications, Marketing and Sustainability area, dedicated to content creation, bringing together an interdisciplinary team of about 40 people from different areas of the company and partners. “Crie is much more than a performance room, a content hub and a programmatic media desk. It’s a new way of doing communication for the customer, the agency and the media, with a different dynamic “, defines Ciaco.

“The dialogue with consumers has changed. They want to be part of the creation of the narratives of the brands they like. What we did was simply to put together something that connected Fiat emotionally to people, by letting them help us write the new chapters of our history. The race is a trigger for a greater delivery of content, where the protagonists are lovers of the Fiat brand”, explained Barbara Bono, Head of Digital Communication and Social Networks and one of the three leaders of Crie.

Continue to follow the official FCA channels on social networks to receive firsthand the upcoming revelations until the launch, which is scheduled for the first half of 2018. It’s only a matter of time. 😉



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