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Everyone has Street View. But Jeep View, just those who use a Jeep

Everyone has Street View. But Jeep View, just those who use a Jeep

Monday, 11 de December de 2017

In Uruguay, Jeep "complements" Google Street View with routes that an ordinary car can't reach

Being able to visualize your destination with a panoramic view, even before you get there, is marvelous, no one will deny it. But a service like Google Street View, no matter how cool it may be, has its limitations. And you know why? Simple: because it does not use a Jeep. That is, it only goes where normal cars can.

It was with this in mind that the Jeep Company from Uruguay had the big idea to “complement” Street View. With a Jeep Renegade, they hit the road (and off-roads too, of course!) to map seven incredible natural destinations that are not accessible through the original Street View. The award-winning idea is part of Renegade’s launch campaign in the country.

The Jeep View is like a kind of Google Street View specific for places where only a Jeep can go. To see it, just go to the site jeepview.uy, where you can to choose from seven beautiful and natural destinations to visit through your screen: Dunas Oceánicas, Sierras de Mahoma, Palmares de Rocha, Barrancas de Kiyú, Sierras de Minas, Pueblo Edén and Laguna Negra. Just like Google’s platform, you can walk through a path and even have a 360° panoramic view. But because we’re talking about a Jeep, the car itself is part of the journey; therefore you can even have a panoramic view from inside the vehicle. The videos below show how it works:

The Jeep View also shows the geographic coordinates of the place, so you can cross-check the information with your preferred map (including Google’s) if you plan to go off-road with your own Jeep. In fact, precisely because it allows 4×4 adventure lovers to plan their journeys in the same way as it is possible for paved roads, this initiative is all about the Jeep spirit.

The project was so successful that it gave the Uruguayan Advertising agency Publicis Impetu, the second Effie award, which teamed up with Jeep. They were awarded the 2017 edition of Gran Effie Uruguay, the highest award, given to the best campaign among the winners for each category. The Effie Award is one of the most relevant international advertising agencies with great visibility in Uruguay. This is the only international award that evaluates the effectiveness of the campaigns, the originality of the idea, the relationship with the client and the efficient use of resources. Created in the United States, the award is present today in more than 40 countries. According to the official press release of the award, “this distinction [the Gran Effie] sends a clear message to the industry on the models to be followed regarding marketing communication efficiency”.

Have you already checked out the Jeep View? Here’s a tip: You can choose the destination by clicking on the bars of the iconic Jeep grid. Have a good trip!




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