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The Fiat Toro is now a film producer!

The Fiat Toro is now a film producer!

Friday, 6 de October de 2017

Led by filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, Toro Filmes launches three short films and points to trends

That’s right: the Toro – which has brought together the mobility and comfort of an SUV with the strength of a pickup capable of carrying a crew and its equipment – has turned into a film producer in a pickup truck. In addition, the vehicle was one of the protagonists in the three short films produced by Toro Filmes, a project led by filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, directed by Brazilians Paulinho Caruso and Quico Meirelles and Argentine Sebastián Borensztein who directed, respectively, Star Goat, Espresso and The Revenge of the Mother Drone.

It is important to say that these are not advertising films; they are genuine works of fiction. “You are no longer obliged to see advertisement,” explains Caruso. “It’s up to the brands to think about how they will be present in this content that will dominate the entertainment arena from now on. Star Goat is a happy example. It does not look like an advertisement and yet, you are not camouflaging its endorsement content. I like Star Goat because the car is essential for the story. It’s the car that takes the protagonist toward the flying saucer. It could have been any car. In that sense, it has to be natural for the story and not forced”, he explains.

The crews of all three films had total freedom in the production, from the script to direction and the finished product. “I must say that we truly had the freedom we need for something like this. We had a budget for three days of filming and we were able to work with all the necessary tools”, Borensztein said. Caruso endorsed: “We had total freedom to create and develop. That’s the main thing. It’s a brand creating content. Brands developing content is undoubtedly an option for the future. ”

Not even the air half way out of the curve that the short films share was previously planned. “Each script was created independently, but Paulinho’s and Sebastián’s were prepared beforehand, so this ended up generating a thematic direction in deciding which way to go with the story of the coffee pot. Since we already had two surreal films, we decided to turn it into a project unit, but it was something that happened during the process and not before”, explains Quico Meirelles.

Of course the production on wheels imposed some extra challenges. But challenge is something big names in art are always looking for, right? As the producer of Alien Goats said: “In addition to working with a super-reduced crew, we had the challenge of working with the goats, getting them to ‘act’. We thought of something that would work almost like a comic strip. There would be no perfect performance. I needed to have the goat in a certain position to look like it was saying this or that. The time you have to work with animals is restricted. They sleep early, so we filmed by day pretending it was night, “says Caruso.

Quico Meirelles also shared his challenges, which he called as fun. “For me, the most fun in doing this film was how the story would be told, the evolution and trajectory of a character, without any dialogue, thinking of how to make the images as strong as possible and convey the sensation needed for each scene with only the movement and the framing. This was the first movie I had done with this feature and I was very happy with the result. ”

Fiat Toro did well in its first performance. “The car responded perfectly to the various roads in which we filmed. It is a very cozy car that has all the comfort and drivability needed”, says Borensztein.

All this production is part of the launching campaign for the 2018 version of Fiat Toro, created by the agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made and with completion by O2 Filmes. The campaign brings the concept “Brutally Beautiful”, which translates into the combination of strength and power of a pickup with the comfort and elegance of an SUV.

“In addition to having an award-winning design, the pickup has actually appealed to Brazilian and Latino consumers. We chose the cinematographic language that, in addition to remitting beauty and power, also tells life stories”, said FCA Brand Marketing Communication’s director João Batista Ciaco. “For this, no one better than filmmaker Fernando Meirelles, executive director of Toro Filmes. Our strategy was to create a mainstream campaign encompassing the different contemporary points of view. ”

Leo Burnett’s creative director, Tomas Correa, praises the initiative: “It’s a digital project with content that goes beyond all frontiers”, he says.

Curious about these short films? Click on the posters below to see each one in its entirety. Or, if you prefer, you can watch all three on the Toro Filmes‘ website. There you can even see the making of each movie. In addition to the short films, a film for the campaign itself was produced, which also has scenes from the productions. It’s worth watching!

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