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Jeep Compass points the way towards the Latin American market

Jeep Compass points the way towards the Latin American market

Saturday, 19 de November de 2016

World launch of the new SUV brings together opinion leaders in Recife

Curious eyes followed the countdown projected onto the presentation stage. “We look forward to seeing the new technologies,” commented two Paulista friends. “I look forward to sophistication” could be heard in a Pernambuco accent in a conversation between guests. In the lounge of the Sheraton Reserva do Paiva in Recife, on the night of November 26, journalists, dealership owners, personalities from various parts of Brazil and Latin America were brought together, as they eagerly awaited the unveiling of the new Jeep. The wait came to an end when the Compass appeared on stage to the sound of the classic “The Girl from Ipanema.”

“Ugly cars forgive me, but beauty is fundamental” said Sergio Ferreira, director of Jeep for Latin America, as he paraphrased the poet Vinicius de Moraes and co-author of the famous song about the symbol of national beauty. And just like that girl who captured the eyes of the “little poet” it was difficult to unglue your retina from the sophisticated SUV design, which combines power, safety, uniquetechnology and beauty.

During the event, the Compass was presented in its four versions: Sport, Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk. In all of them, the design stands out: “The design of the cars balances simplicity with refined finishing touches, a sporty appearance and at the same time inviting,” defined the vice president of Product Design FCA, Ralph Gilles.

Each version presented to the audience was received with effusive applauses. When prices emerged on the big screen, the guests promptly pulled out their cell phones to record all the competitiveness of the Compass – any other model in this segment delivers options from R$ 99,990 to R $ 149,990.

The launching of the Compass is unique in many ways. It is the second car produced in Latin America by Jeep and the third to come out of the Jeep automotive production line in Goiana (PE) in just 18 months. This presentation also marks the first worldwide release of a car made on Latin American soil.

“It is the longest chapter in the history of Jeep,” said the president of FCA for Latin America, Stefan Ketter, highlighting the bonds and the legacy of the group in Pernambuco, where the most modern FCA plant in the world operates.

A compass gives a direction, and that is the mission of this model: to point the direction that will be followed by the market. A car that combines features that were only available in 10 vehicles in this category sold in Brazil – none of them manufactured on national soil.

Technologies such as the adaptive autopilot, blind spot sensors, lane departure warning system, headlamps with automatic beam and others, act as “guardian angels” for drivers.

It’s sophisticated, technological, modern and adventurous. After all, the Compass is a real Jeep. “It’s the most capable midsize SUV in thecountry, highlighting the freedom of our customers,” said Ferreira. “With this launch, until the end of the year, Jeep will be the first among the brands of this segment in Brazil and by 2017 in all of Latin America.” A new north, mapped out by the Compass. The new model is in its pre-salesstage starting at R$ 99,990 and its commercial launch is scheduled for November 5. The rest of the world will have to wait until 2017 to see it.



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