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“It was love at first sight”

“It was love at first sight”

Friday, 7 de July de 2017

The first Fiat Argo buyer is from Porto Alegre and he explains his love affair with the new hatch

What are the factors that define the purchase of a car? Recommendations from friends, evaluations in specialized publications, market analysis? All this, of course, has its relevance. But in the case of the gaucho Gerson Mendes Rocha, 41, the first buyer of the Fiat Argo, his choice had a much simpler and more powerful reason: “It was love at first sight,” he says. “As soon as I saw the car, I had no doubt I would own one!”

Of course, every kind of love has its reason. Rocha, who is a visual communicator, was already in love with the model when looking at the photos and reading about it in the press. Then, a few hours after its launch, on May 31, he had made up his mind. On the Argo website (http://argo.fiat.com.br) you’ll find the dealer’s contact information for your purchase of the Argo Drive 1.0.

With so much love in his heart, Rocha was discerning in his choice. As the son of a mechanic, he learned with his father how to analyze each vehicle thoroughly and recognize a good opportunity. “I don’t miss out on any good chances. If the car is good, I buy it.”

In addition to its exquisite design with Italian inspiration, compact on the outside and spacious inside, captivated the visual communicator for its comfort and performance. The efficiency comes from the new family of engines Firefly 1.0 and 1.3, allied to the system Start & Stop of the series. Argo also stands out, among other attributes, for its unprecedented technology and equipment in its segment, in addition to safety and driveability with its stability controls (ESC) and traction (TC), and its Hill-Holder device, which helps to start it on up or down slopes.


The car is equipped with the new engine family Firefly 1.0 and 1.3

The purchase of Argo, however, was not the beginning of Roca’s relationship with Fiat. Actually, the model is his twelfth car of the brand. This automotive “polylove” started in 1994, with the purchase of a Uno Mille Eletronic. Later, several other models conquered Rocha’s heart, among them the Palio Fire, the Fiat Strada, the Grand Siena, the Palio Attractive and, finally, the Uno already equipped with the new Firefly engines.

“In general, Fiat cars have excellent quality and low maintenance costs, so I only have Fiat cars,” he says.

The meeting of the first buyer of the Fiat Argo with his desired car must happen soon The car has already left the Fiat Automotive Center in Betim (MG), which is more than 1,700 kilometers from Porto Alegre,

The owner is eagerly awaiting its arrival. Plans for the first rides have already been outlined. Roca wants to feel the experience of driving the Argo on the road. And, continuing on with the theme of love, the script could not be more inspiring. He decided to take his wife on a road trip through the Sierra Catarinense for its debut.




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