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More boldness on the streets: the Fiat Cronos has arrived

More boldness on the streets: the Fiat Cronos has arrived

Wednesday, 7 de March de 2018

The launch of the sedan in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, joins Fiat fans and sedan lovers in one same experience of boldness, technology and sportsmanship.

“I thought the car was dead!” cried the astonished the retired professor Hélio de Medeiros Vale when the Cronos stopped at an intersection of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro. “But the car is on. It’s very silent! “, he laughs. Hélio is one of the “Fiat Lovers” who came especially for the launch of the brand’s new sedan and, among fan club members, he and his wife Suely are the most fond of the brand.
Married for 35 years, the Paulistas Hélio and Suely have already had 11 Fiat cars: Elba, Prize, Tempra, Weekend, Siena, Grand Siena, Linea, and now they are looking forward to having a Cronos in their garage. The daughter got an Uno as a presente – and today she drives a Palio. “We need space,” says retired teacher Suely Pires Eustachio Vale. “For us and for those who come with us,” she says, thinking of her granddaughter Ana Maria, who is about to celebrate her first birthday. “For those of us who have slept in a Weekend trunk during a church retreat, I also want to know about the luggage space. The Cronos is very good,” she says, flashing a confident smile to her husband.
Retired teachers Helio and Sueli Vale, Fiat customers for 25 years, and fans of the sedans: "Space for us and for those who accompany us"

Retired teachers Helio and Sueli Vale, Fiat customers for 25 years, and fans of the sedans: “Space for us and for those who accompany us” . 

The clinical look of Suely and Helio is right: the Fiat Cronos trunk is, for sure, one of the biggest in the category (525 liters) The Curitiba-born Alexandro Henrico, a member of the Linea Clube, speaks on behalf of the orphans of the sedan: “Those who related to the Linea because of the internal space, now have a great reason to continue with Fiat.
Sedans are, by definition, the most versatile category in the automotive market. Research shows that it is the favorite among married couples between 35-50 years of age, with children and have only one family car. “It’s the car that they use to get to and from work and, over the weekend, go for a drive with the family,” as Brand Fiat director Herlander Zola put it during the press conference that unveiled the Cronos on night of Wednesday, February 21, at the Hilton Barra, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “So it’s not just a sedan. It brings a combination of factors that differentiate them in the market, such as its proportionality, its multimedia center with access to Waze and Whatsapp at the wheel, or its clearly sporty design – which is a novelty in a segment that is usually conservative.”  As for the trunk, Zola may have come up with the best definition: “Fiat created a fastback sedan – a sedan but with a short back and a sporty design.”
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Scenes from the Brazilian launch of the Cronos for the press, in Rio de Janeiro: Herlander Zola speaks (at the top) about the car that “is not simply a sedan”; Below, designer Paula Fujii shows the lines of the car using the 3D technology of the Tilt brush

Chemical engineer Germano Andrade was one of those lovers at the launch and, while maneuvering the car through Av. Lúcio Costa, he noted the innovations of the Cronos: “Fiat has been a pioneer in almost everything we have on the market, from ethanol cars to the four door cabin for a pickup truck, all the way to the first transverse engine, and it waited for the right moment to invest in boldness – and I’ve seen it since the launch of the Toro, then the Mobi and the Argo, and now specifically with the Cronos”, says the paraibano from João Pessoa, a member of the Punto Clube. “That’s because the public is becoming more and more demanding, wanting more and more complete and more affordable cars that have technology, power, design and personality. And Cronos is just that. “Herlander Zola had spoken about exactly that during the previous night’s event:” Cronos ends this first moment of Fiat’s renewal, which began in 2016 with the Toro”, said the executive. “It’s a time to rescue the brand’s boldness and emotional relationship with its consumers.” It’s not by chance that the message of the advertising campaign, also displayed at the event, was a tip for sedan fans: “Do dare!”
Cronos has been eagerly awaited since the first news that Fiat was working on a new sedan from the MP-S platform, with 70% new developments in its structure. The official launch took place at the Plaza de la Música, in Córdoba, Argentina, in early February, a few days before the Rio event. Cronos is a perfect example of the cooperation between FCA’s Latin American plants, with design from the Brazilian team, engineering tests shared between the two countries and manufacturing in Argentina – in Fiat’s historic and modernized factory in Córdoba. “Cronos is being launched at the right time, when the two largest markets in Latin America are growing,” said Stefan Ketter, president of FCA Latam, speaking during the event in Argentina.
burle marx

The Cronos, in its exclusive color Red Marsalha, during the test-drive launch.

Carolina Costa grew up “in her uncles’ dealership” in Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil. And despite being part of a 500 fan club and having a discreet tattoo of the Abarth scorpion on her wrist, she confesses that she tends to “think as a sales rep in a dealership”: “Cronos has everything the traditional public of a sedan wants, but it also has everything to reach younger audiences that have an interest in technology and sportsmanship”, she says, as the manager the Espaço Fiat in Rio do Sul.” As part of a dealership, I could not be happier to have a product such as this one. “
During the test drives organized by Fiat, guests, including dealers and clubbers, experimented with the five different versions of the Cronos along the Barra Beach. Luiz Monteiro from Punto Clube made it a point to drive all the versions before giving his opinion: “If I had to summarize, I would say that it’s the combination of sportsmanship and everything a family needs.” As of March, Cronos will be in the dealerships doing what a sedan does best with much more technology and boldness.



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