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The Smooth Swing of the Compass on its way to the beach

The Smooth Swing of the Compass on its way to the beach

Saturday, 19 de November de 2016

We followed the new SUV Jeep on its test drive through the beaches of Pernambuco

A sunny day and a beach go well together, especially when facing the green warm waters and the gentle sway of palm trees along the path of the Paiva shore in Cabo de Santo Agostinho (PE), 40 km south of Recife. It was in this picture perfect image that the newly launched Compass, produced in Goiana Jeep Automotive Center, sped up for a test drive through the beautiful tropical landscape of the South Coast of Pernambuco.

The route between Paiva and Cupe beach in Porto de Galinhas is mostly done on well maintained state run highways. There is only a small stretch of sand to the sea, at the point of arrival, where the SUV rode without any embarrassment. Soon after departure, aboard the Jeep Compass Trailhawk, the Sao Paulo journalist Wandick Donett from Carpress, was already giving his first impressions of the model. “It’s a very light car to drive,” he observed.

Next to Paiva beach is Itapuama  – a haven of natural pools. And to the visitor, here is a tip: it´s worth stopping by the lookout, right next to the road, to snap pictures and enjoy the scenery. From the top you can admire the beauty of this little haven, which also attracts surfers in search of good waves. And on its way up the Compass fulfilled its role and providing the necessary stability.


The tour followed the paths that line the waterfront up to the detour toward the Industrial Port Complex of Suape. The winding curves cut through an Atlantic forest reserve, forming a natural green tunnel which leads to the industrial landscape, erected amid the mangroves and sugarcane plantations. “The response of the brakes on the curves is very good”, analyzed the reporter Geraldo Lelis, from the Folha de Pernambuco newspaper.

Powerful, the 2.0 engine in the Compass makes a difference when you get to rapid traffic on PE-009 highway. Acceleration is quick and in a matter of seconds, with a smooth transition, it reaches the limit of 100 km/h. At this speed, the stability of the car makes all the difference, with no tremors or bumps. Inside the vehicle the feeling is of going at an average speed.

The SUV also offers excellent visibility for the driver, which is essential for good control when driving down a busy road such as the Suape complex. Rear sensors give extra help in what would normally escape our senses, warning the driver when a vehicle is in the blind spot.

The crossing towards Cupe beach is not long, but the embedded technology in the car offers a number of commands that help make the journey even more comfortable. For resting purposes or for safety reasons, the driver can activate the adaptive autopilot. It maintains the speed and reduces acceleration automatically when it detects obstacles. Upon arrival at its final destination, the parking assist system facilitates maneuvers.

The arrival at Cupe beach reveals a paradise adorned by natural pools of crystalline water. The climate is ideal for chilled coconut water or a bowl of broth, a traditional snack in Pernambuco, while contemplating the sea- but just long enough before returning to the car – the real attraction of the day – and drive back to Recife.



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