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FCA takes part in the 8th World Water Forum and shares sustainability solutions

FCA takes part in the 8th World Water Forum and shares sustainability solutions

Monday, 14 de May de 2018

As winner of the National Water Agency Award (ANA) in Brazil, FCA represented the industrial sector and presented innovative practices

It was the biggest event in the world about water and FCA was present after being invited to present its water management practices on behalf of the industrial sector. Held every three years in several countries around the world since 1997, the 8th World Water Forum was held in Brasilia, Brazil from March 18 to 23, with activities in two areas simultaneously: one at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center and the other at Brasilia’s National Stadium, Mané Garrincha.

It was a first for this Forum, the most important on the subject in the world, to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. During his speech on the afternoon of March 20 at Espaço Brasil Mané Garrincha Stadium, FCA’s Environment, Health and Work Safety manager for Latin America, Cristiano Felix, detailed the steps that have made FCA a reference in Latin America for its preservation and the recycling of water, which led to the 2017 ANA Award, the most important water award in Brazil, which is why the FCA was selected to participate in the Forum. The other prize winners also presented their cases at the event.

“We were very happy to host the Forum in Brasilia,” says Cristianny Villela Teixeira, a specialist in water resources and coordinator of the General Management of Articulation and Communication of the National Water Agency. She personally inspected FCA’s facilities on the occasion of the award and said: “It is possible to use this precious asset in a responsible way and this is the only event that promotes a global meeting with institutional, political, technical, academic and commercial interests of the society on the subject”.

“FCA’s participation is important for the dissemination of the diverse and important possibilities that a large vehicle manufacturer has in the conservation and rational use of water, such as using rainwater and reusing it in the cutting and stamping processes of parts , cooling of tweezers, paint, water proofing, among others”, she points out.

“This is an increasingly relevant issue in society, and since FCA has developed innovative practices for water conservation and the engagement of people, participation in the Forum was an opportunity to share our learning experience”, says Felix. “For us, being present at this meeting was an important acknowledgment of the actions we have undertaken and it demonstrates that FCA is not only thinking about the present, but the future as well”.

“Water management is extremely important for the future of companies. Every business needs water. So if we do not worry about our water resource in a responsible way, surely in the future we will pay the price, as a company and as a society”, warns Felix. “At FCA, we have a distinction: all the water used in the production process comes from recycling. We also have a methodology called Aqueduto, where we evaluates future conditions through the analysis of a series of variables (environmental, technical, geographic, social, economic) that allows us to have a perception of what the future will look like in the region where we have our factories. The objective is to anticipate the water condition scenarios so that we can create solutions today in order to minimize future impacts. Our commitment to water is a long-term strategy”, he says.

The organization estimates that 45,000 people, from 150 countries, have passed through the Forum. The event was attended by several spheres of the society, such as government, civil society, business and scientific institutions. The central theme was “Sharing Water” and the aim was to foster discussions on issues of territorial sovereignty and water resource sharing among nations. Previous editions of the Forum have taken place in Marrakesh, Morocco (1997); The Hague, The Netherlands (2000); Kyoto, Japan (2003); Mexico City (2006); Istanbul, Turkey (2009); Marseille, France (2012) and Daegu, South Korea (2015).

The ANA Award, sponsored by the National Water Agency (ANA) of the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, recognizes the best initiatives that contribute to the management and sustainable use of water resources in Brazil. FCA won in the “Medium and Large Enterprises” category, for their combined actions towards efficient use of water in their productive units. Together, the factories have the impressive mark of 99.17% reuse of all its water used. This benchmark continues to increase as a result of constant investments in state-of-the-art technologies in order to increase effluent treatment and reuse efficiency, which are integrated with rainwater harvesting and environmental education projects, always with employee engagement.

“Over the last few years, we have had very important pioneering initiatives. And we don’t intend to stop. We continue to look for what’s most modern in the world out there for environmental management and water management.
We always want to have the best technology to reduce water consumption within our factories”, challenges Felix.

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