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FCA wins award from the National Water Agency (ANA) in Brazil

FCA wins award from the National Water Agency (ANA) in Brazil

Wednesday, 27 de December de 2017

Actions towards efficient use of water in FCA's production units led to the ANA 2017 Award trophy

With its combined actions for the efficient use of water in its production units, FCA won the 2017 edition of the important ANA Awards, in the category “Medium and Large Enterprises”. Organized by the Ministry of the Environment’s National Water Agency (ANA), the award is one of the most important on the subject in Latin America and recognizes the best initiatives that tackle waste and pollution and contribute to the management and sustainable use of water resources in the country.

FCA’s Environment, Health, and Safety at Work Manager for Latin America, Cristiano Felix, recognizes that winning the award is the result of a combination of actions for the efficient use of water resources in vehicle and engine production units in the Brazilian cities of Betim (MG), Goiana (PE) and Campo Largo (PR). Together, the factories have the impressive mark of 99.17% reuse of all water used. This mark continues to increase as a result of investments in state-of-the-art technologies to increase the efficiency in the treatment of effluents and water reuse, which are integrated into the projects of rainwater harvesting and environmental education, always engaging our employees. The preservation of biodiversity is another differential, where we highlight the recovery of a green area of 105 hectares in our engine plant in Campo Largo, Brazil, which has five water springs and two streams on its premises.

“This is one of the most important awards in Latin America, recognizing the best practices related to the preservation of water resources.” Water is an increasingly scarce resource that needs the full commitment of society. Receiving this award means that we are on the right track and that our actions can inspire more and more people to think about the environment. This makes us seek new challenges and improve more and more”, celebrates Cristiano.

“FCA’s Water Resources management in Brazil stands out for excellence in its contribution to the sustainable use of water,” acknowledges water resources expert Cristianny Villela Teixeira, coordinator of the General Management of Articulation and Communication at ANA, who personally inspected the facilities. “The company takes advantage of every opportunity to reuse this valuable asset in the production process and in toilet discharges around the factory, and this is possible because of our water treatment in our production units. The company also uses rainwater. FCA in Brazil takes care of its springs and provides workshops on socio-environmental education and biodiversity. For these reasons, the project presented was worthy of the 2017 ANA Award. The practices carried out by FCA are being published and should serve as an incentive for the maintenance and improvement of these actions, not only for the company itself but for other companies as well”, he said.

The 2017 edition of the ANA Award had a record number of registered projects. There were 637 in nine categories: Micro and Small Enterprises, Medium and Large Enterprises, Civil Organizations, Education, Government, Press, Research and Technological Innovation. The criteria for evaluation were effectiveness, social and environmental impacts, diffusion potential, social adherence, originality and financial sustainability. All the semifinalist underwent surveys carried out by ANA specialists. The award highlights those projects that can guarantee water in sufficient quantity and quality for the population.

As a winner, FCA was invited to present its actions at the 8th World Water Forum, which will be held in Brasilia from March 18-23, 2018. This will be the first edition in the Southern Hemisphere and the largest water event in the world. Thirty thousand representatives from more than 100 countries are expected to participate.




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