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Leaders meet in Minas Gerais to discuss UN’s 2030 Agenda

Leaders meet in Minas Gerais to discuss UN’s 2030 Agenda

Wednesday, 8 de November de 2017

FCA participates in the International Sustainability Seminar and presents its experience in sustainable water management

You may have heard of “Agenda 2030”, the set of objectives defined by the UN in 2015 and adopted by 193 countries in the organization to preserve our planet and allow for the sustainable development of humanity. We still have 13 years to get there and it’s important that progress be closely followed and discussed among the people engaged in this noble mission.

One of those meetings was the 11th International Seminar on Sustainability, recently held by the Federation of Industries of the State of Minas Gerais (Fiemg) in Belo Horizonte (MG), Brazil. The meeting has been held since 2000 and the theme of this edition was “The 2030 Agenda and the Perspectives for a New World”.

Dozens of leaders, professionals, government and civil society representatives gathered to discuss perspectives, scenarios and practices for the adoption of all 169 goals of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), an ambitious plan (no less) that requires the commitment and partnership of companies, societies and governments to make the world a better place by 2030 (as it should be), bearing in mind all the so-called “5 Ps”: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

“No one is able to achieve in isolation the set of 17 ODS and its169 goals. No goal can be achieved without full partnerships”, said Carlo Pereira, Executive Secretary of the Global Compact Brazil Network to FIEMG. The goals revolve around three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

“Agenda 2030 seeks, among other objectives, human prosperity, the reduction of poverty, eradication of hunger, combat inequalities and protect the planet and people,” said in the opening speech for the seminar, the secretary of National Articulation of the federal government, Henrique Villa da Costa Ferreira.

One of the speakers at the event was FCA’s Environment, Health and Safety manager for Latin America, Cristiano Félix, who spoke on the strategic water management at the FCA’s plants in the continent, which is part of objective 6 of the UN list (“Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all http://www.br.undp.org/content/brazil/pt/home/post-2015/sdg-overview/goal-6.html”).

In addition to the program of water reuse, which guarantees the impressive circulation of 99.4% of all consumption in the Fiat plant in Betim (MG, Brazil), Cristiano has led other important sustainability projects in the company, such as Aterro Zero and Carbon Neutralization. Only the reduction in water consumption of FCA plants in Latin America since 2010 has been 59.2%.

“Seminars such as this one are opportunities to share experiences and knowledge with a focus on cooperation,” said Felix. ” We are aware of the urgency of implementing the objectives of the Global Compact, and companies play an important role in this challenge,” he said.

Among the topics discussed in this 11th edition of the seminar are “transformational leaderships”, “ethics and integrity”, “human rights, education and citizenship in Latin America”, “socio-environmental values and new production and consumption patterns”, “water management and quality of life” and “creative, intelligent and sustainable cities “.




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