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A new collection to reinvent Cooperárvore or “Coopertree”

A new collection to reinvent Cooperárvore or “Coopertree”

Thursday, 8 de March de 2018

Name of the new collection, "Entrelinhas" or between the lines, refers to both the product lines and the new phase of the cooperative

It is as we say: the true meaning is often between the lines. Between lines of a text, yes, but also, why not between sewing lines? Entrelinhas is the name of Coopervarvore’s new collection of products, a sustainable fashion cooperative made up of residents of the Jardim Teresópolis community, in the vicinity of the Fiat Automobile Plant in Betim (MG), Brazil. The Cooperarvore is part of the social platform Tree of Life, originally a social project created by FCA and now has become an independent and a self-managed institute. In partnership with FCA, Cooperárvore transforms spare parts from safety belts, automotive fabric scraps and various other materials it receives from the factory and FCA suppliers into bags, backpacks, key chains and other items of internationally recognized quality.

Every year, the cooperative launches a new collection to keep up with the latest fashion trends but always focusing on the social responsibility inserted in the concept of sustainability, precisely to value its differential, which is to produce fashion in a conscious way while collaborating for the good of the community.

The 2018 collection consists of 18 products, among new and classic pieces from previous collections with unique features in the new one, to go between the lines. Divided into categories according to the use and the look, the products serve caters to diverse customers, proving that sustainability and fashion complement each other perfectly to offer functionality and beauty. You can see and buy all the products of the collection clicking on this link. You can also purchase products from previous collections through the site, which offers a 10% discount to those who register. Shipping is for the Brazilian territory.

“Between the lines, we draw all our feelings”, the team says in a note. The collection uses lines and traits to play with the concept of between the lines and show through the products themselves the new path that the cooperative is taking of autonomy and renewal.

“It’s Cooperarvore’s moment of great challenge and the most important and innovative one of the last few years,” he says. “It is a renewal and improvement phase that has provided us with personal growth, skill development and perseverance” they all explain. “In the mix of prints, colors and shapes, we have been able to show that, despite the ups and downs, comings and goings, it is necessary to be in constant movement and development. Staying in line with a common goal is the basis for continuing to move forward”, they add.

The prints in the collection are exclusive and were designed by serigraphist Alexandre Tadeu, who is vice-president of the cooperative and who also participated in the development of product design and catalog, along with two other coop members: Daiane Lopes and Suellen Silva, who work for the administration of the cooperative.

“Each color and each trait has a name and a meaning that represents each moment and can convey our feelings,” explains Daiane. “This collection is very important to us, because it was the first one created entirely by Cooperarvore – concept, prints, products, everything. This made the team join forces to create and express this whole development process. We are very pleased with the result,” according to the team.

“The meaning of between the lines is that we musn´t lose our focus. We have to follow this new direction with our own two feet.The responsibility is ours now, so we have to always be updating ourselves in order not to lose our focus. Sometimes the cooperative experiences difficulties, but we always want to be better than yesterday” says Alexandre.

In 11 years, more than 300 thousand pieces have been produced by Cooperárvore, which used about 33 tons of items donated by FCA and partner companies as raw material. During this period, the cooperative contributed to improving the quality of life of dozens of families in Jardim Teresópolis and even concluded a partnership with the European Union to promote peace and feminine protagonism.

“With every new project and collection there is also great learning experiences in the universe of design, fashion and circular economy. These are concepts that guide our hands , in the inspiration that a good idea is only innovative if it improves people’s lives, “says the team in a joint note about how they like to work.

Check out the highlights of the 2018 collection on Instagram FCA Latam!




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