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Two years of the most modern factory in the world

Two years of the most modern factory in the world

Thursday, 4 de May de 2017

Get to know the Jeep Automotive Plant through its numbers and its milestones

The world’s most advanced Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) plant in the world, the Jeep Automotive Plant in Goiana (PE), is completing two years in operation this Friday, April 28. In this short time, the venture made history, being responsible for producing three new models in only 18 months of operation and consolidating the brand´s leadership in the national market for SUVs. The first vehicle launched was the Jeep Renegade, followed by the Fiat Toro pickup and more recently the Jeep Compass. They are manufactured simultaneously in the production line, which would still have the flexibility to carry out the manufacture of a fourth model at the same time.

However, the achievements of our Jeep Plant have exceeded the limits of its immense structure, which occupies more than 500 thousand square meters. The plant stands out as a catalyst for the development of the small municipality of Goiana, where, until recently, the economy was based on sugar cane cultivation. In its two years of operations, the supply for qualified employment and the businesses brought by the suppliers’ lot have drastically changed the social and economic scenario of the region. To get an idea, the Plant, including the lot, currently employs around 8,000 professionals, mostly local laborers with an average age of 29 years. By 2020, production should account for 6.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the entire state of Pernambuco.

The high quality standard also accredits the factory to compete in international markets. The plant has already exported over 30,000 units of models to several Latin American countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay. This month, the unit began shipping the Renegade Jeep to Mexico.

With the capacity to produce 250,000 vehicles per year, the Jeep Automotive Plant also incorporates more than 15,000 practices from the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system, the system of processes and best practices adopted worldwide by FCA. The production line uses innovative technologies, with 700 robots and high precision machinery. Only in the bodywork sector, 650 robots guarantee the perfect geometry of the body of each vehicle produced. The machines integrate in a harmonious way to the performance of highly qualified staff.

All this efficiency is at the service of sustainability. The plant was conceived respecting concepts of low environmental impact and conservation of the Atlantic Forest, typical of the region, by replanting of native species. More than 60 thousand seedlings of 289 different species, produced in the nursery of the Plant, have already been planted. In addition, the company maintains partnerships with initiatives that seek to contribute to education, health and the promotion of culture.

Want to know more about the Goiana Jeep Automotive Plant? Check out some numbers and milestones in the infographic below:Infográfico FCA - v006 - Inglês (1)




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